For over 12 years, Bar Stool Depot has been supplying restaurants, banquet halls and bars with quality bar stools, chairs, supplies and equipment. Located near Chicago's downtown, Bar Stool Depot has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality products at the lowest competitive prices.

Launched in 1997, the BarStoolDepot.com web site led to an expansion that now provides the same quality service to commercial businesses across the country and beyond. Even more, our website has introduced us to a new customer - the home owner. More and more everyday, home owners are contacting Bar Stool Depot for chairs and bar stools for their home bars and kitchen counters.

Beginning in 2000, Bar Stool Depot introduced a casino seating product line and began supplying leading commercial and native american gaming facilities with quality, low cost casino seating.


Bar Stool Depot is an experienced distributor of bar stools, wood bar stools, 1950s bar stools, metal chairs, wood chairs, slot stools, roulette chairs, stack chairs and more!

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Email:   info@barstooldepot.com


BarStoolDepot.com promises to meet or beat competitor prices for similar items. We are confident in our ability to gain your business because we do not embedd hidden costs into the price of our products. For example: we do not offer "free shipping" and then inflate our prices to profit from product shipping & handling. We tell our customers - We pay to ship what you pay to ship.


BarStoolDepot.com has a variety solutions available to satisfy our customers needs and budget for seating, restaurant equipment and supplies. Be sure to ask about all our available new and used options so that you can make the best purchase decision you can.


Contact BarStoolDepot.com - webuyused@barstooldepot.com - if you have used restaurant equipment, used bar stools, and used chairs. Bar Stool Depot and its partners will review and contact you to negotiate a fair price for your used items. Please include a full contact information and product photographs (or a link to photographs) to expedite processing.


All of Bar Stool Depot products are Sold as is and good condition. Any used item is shipped with the understanding that they are used products and must be received and agreed when receiving items they are as is. Once accepted by our customers they are considered accepted unless Bar Stool Depot is notified and all products are returned within 7 business days. Products must be returned in the same condition as accepted by the customer and only a full refund will be processed to the customer.

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Products and/or Equipment.

  • A 100% payment is needed at time of start of order
  • Full payment is due before shipping
  • All shipping fees, taxes and all claims for damages during shipping are the responsibility of the Purchaser.
  • Government Duty Fees, Custom Charges, or Government Tax when applied, is the responsibility of Purchaser.
  • Seller shall not make any refunds nor accept any returns after 7 days from Delivery if items are disputed.


  1. Invoices: The total amount due and terms for payment are defined on all Bar Stool Depot sales invoices. A description of the sale of all involved equipment will be stated on each sales invoice issued by Bar Stool Depot and the order will proceed accordingly.
  2. Delivery: Buyer will make delivery arrangements in compliance with the Johnson Act, 15 USC 1171 et seq. of the equipment from Seller’s. Title and acceptance to the equipment shall occur at Seller’s dock. Any risk of loss passes to Buyer at the point where Buyer takes possession of the involved equipment. Buyer shall be responsible for all shipping and handling cost. Additional labor and material cost involved for preparation in shipping or added expenses incurred are the responsibility of the Buyer. NO WARRANTY: THE PARTIES AGREE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE EQUIPMENT IS BEING SOLD AS IS PARTS COMPLETE AND WORKING AT TIME OF SALE. ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES AND DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE EQUIPMENT. In no event shall Seller be liable to Buyer for any loss or damage, including but not limited to direct damages, indirect, and special or consequential damages, loss of profit from the purchase of related equipment stated on sales invoice, attorney’s fees, court cost or cost of repair.
  3. SALE FINAL: BOTH PARTIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SALE OF THE PRODUCTS ARE FINAL. Under no circumstances shall Seller be required to refund any of the consideration paid herein.
  4. Transfer Fees, Duties, if any: Government Duty Fees, Custom Import Charges, or Government Tax when applied, is the responsibility of the Buyer.


Terms: NINTY DAY Extended Warranty on NEW products ordered from Bar Stool Depot. Used items purchased are shipped as is and are accepted by the buyer as is.

The Seller guarantees the NINTY DAY WARRANTY for the sale of NEW Property to the Buyer. After the expired date, both parties agree and acknowledge that the equipment stated with this warranty, whether express or implied are totally excluded and voided.

This Ninty-Day Warranty guarantees New Products to be in good working condition at date of sale. The warranty covers any and all costs for parts and labor for NINTY DAYS from date of sale related to this warranty. The Ninty Day Warranty does not cover defects or damages due to physical intendment or direct damage related to mischievous acts. All broken components related to physical damage that are not related to malfunction are not warranty under this agreement. Any and all damages will be at the discretion of Bar Stool Depot.


Chairs and bar stools are intended for seating purposes only. Frequent inspections for possible damage should include swivel, weldments, glides, seat and back attachments, and any other areas of stress or wear. Assemblies using screws or bolts should be periodically checked for tightness. Damaged seating should be removed from use immediately.


For Frames : To clean the painted or plated finish, wipe with a damp cloth, moistened with soap and water.

For Vinyl : For soiled vinyl surfaces on seats and backs, use soap & water, with a soft towel.

For Fabrics : Spills on fabrics should be blotted with a dry, soft towel then lightly rubbed with a mild soap & water mixture. Use a clean towel and cold water to remove any remaining soap and dirt residue. Finish by blotting with a clean dry towel.